Eternity rings - Tradition and History

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23 Jan 2013

An eternity ring is designed to be a symbol or token of everlasting love as well as the ‘eternity’ a husband and wife plan to share together. Traditionally presented after a couple has already been married, they can be given as a gift to commemorate and anniversary or to celebrate the birth of the first child.

Today Eternity rings are usually given to specifically mark a particular anniversary. The concept of giving an eternity ring to celebrate a milestone in a marriage signifies not only the time you have already spent together, but the unending future you plan to share with your spouse. Another meaning of the ring is used to represent the eternal circle of life. Because of this, an eternity ring is often given to a wife by her husband after their first child is born.

In essence, the ring can either be used to celebrate the time you have spent together in marriage or the time at which your life as a family truly began. Either way, an eternity ring can be just as meaningful as an engagement ring and just as momentous as a wedding band. This is also the reason why so many people choose to wear all three rings together, whether on the same finger or split between both ring fingers.

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